Matuschka, artist & breast cancer activist joins Busting Breast Cancer’s Nat’l Advisory Board


I have always adhered to the philosophy that one should speak and show the truth, because knowledge leads to free will, to choice. If we keep quiet about what cancer does to women’s bodies, if we refuse to accept women’s bodies in whatever condition they are in, we are doing a disservice to womankind. ………..Matuschka





Matuschka, the award-winning  artist and pioneering breast cancer educator, whose self portrait shocked the world  when it appeared on the cover of the New York Times Magazine in 1993, has joined Busting Breast Cancer’s National Advisory Board.

We are thrilled and honored that one of this country’s most creative and effective activists for stopping breast cancer before it can start, is joining forces with our National Breast Cancer Prevention Project/Busting Breast Cancer organization.

The artist’s stunning series of post mastectomy photographic self images continue to make their mark  as   legendary educational and awareness tools. Reflecting the artist’s genius, these same pieces remain  timeless works of art.

Beauty out of Damage, the image that stunned individuals as they turned to read their Sunday New York Times Magazine, on August 15, 1993,   was nominated for a 1994 Pulitzer Prize    and is included in Life Magazines’ s 100 Photographs that Changed the World.  

Matuschka lives and works in New York City.