Thomas Seyfried: Cancer can only develop in an acid body; cancer prevention is possible


Thomas Seyfried is an  award-winning biologist at Boston College. But I think he  needs to change his name.

He name should really be David, because  his new book stands up to  Goliath.. that booming multi-billion dollar cancer treatment industry.  Seyfried’s book, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease,  clearly says to our current cancer establishment: You  do not understand what is causing most cancer . Your theory underlying your treatment protocols are also wrong.  Cancer is not a genetic disease. No wonder death rates from metastatic breast cancer and other cancers have not changed in the past thirty years. Your research is looking down the wrong tunnel.

Sadly, our leading cancer centers and mainstream oncologists across the U.S. have invested so much money in their genetic theory of cancer, that they can’t turn back now. So they continue to tell us:
We really don’t know what  causes breast cancers; but when you develop this disease,  we are ready to offer you treatment…. that may or may not cure this  disease of unknown origins.,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_.jpg

Seyfried’s thesis is based on the Warburg Effect, a  theory of cancer awarded a Nobel Prize in 1931. Simply said, this metabolic theory of cancer shows how developing an inflamed acidic body  can gum up cell membranes,  causing them to stop breathing in enough oxygen to stay healthy.

To survive,  these gasping cells  morph into mindless anaerobic cells that begin to ferment. Now they no longer need oxygen to survive. Just like a compost heap, these cells  need an acid environment (think  glucose, sugar,  inflammation from chemical & animal  hormones & chronic stress)  to survive, thrive and  duplicate themselves mindlessly.   Presto…. tumors can now begin to form.

Instead of adopting Warburg’s metabolic theory,  the western main stream medical profession has chosen to believe in another  theory of  the cause of cancer…something called  the mutation theory.  So now we often hear doctors say:

“Gee we just don’t know exactly what has caused your healthy breast cells to spontaneously mutate and become  breast cancer cells. But we can try to  get rid of all of  those cells using surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy.  Hopefully our treatment will cure you of  this disease of unknown origins.”

An MD by the name of Georgia Ede,  who is also the  new psychiatrist at Smith College, heard Tom Seyfried describe the concept of cancer as a metabolic disease this past August.

Dr Ede has now done a great job of translating Seyfreid’s and Warburg’s  theories on the main cause of cancer  into  language that most of us should be able to follow pretty well.

To understand more about cancer as a metabolic disease, I recommend you read  Ede’s 4 part article.

Meanwhile, if you are trying to find ways to stop breast cancer before it can start, it is important to at least find out  if your body is currently acidic or alkaline.

Cancer, it turns out, is unable to grow in an alkaline environment!

Go buy a  package of pH strips and measure your first and second urine of the morning… or your saliva.  If you are measuring  anywhere between 6.5-8.0 …congratulations!!! You are doing something right.

A pH reading of 7.2 is the ideal.

If the pH strip measures lower than 6.5 most of the time,  your body is acidic. This means your body could be  fertile ground for cancer cells to thrive unless you start adding  much more alkaline foods ( greens,  avocados, sprouts, cucumbers)  and less acidic  foods (sugar based foods, white rice,  white bread, dead meat, dairy, coffee, alcohol, diet and sugar sodas) …to your daily diet.

Try reading Acid Alkaline Diet for Dummies and see if you can  change your diet enough for your urine or saliva to start measuring  between 6.5 and 8.0  on the pH scale at any point during the day.

Also check out this video on measuring your pH   and various other ways to make your body alkaline.

Good Luck everybody!!!













Breast Cancer rates soar for post menopausal women taking statin drugs

Breast Cancer Risk Increases by 85-97 percent in Women, 55-74 years old,  Who Use Statin Drugs for 10 years

No wonder breast cancer rates for  postmenopausal women are possibly  the highest/the most horrible in the world; with the National Cancer Institute’s Philip  Rosenberg recently predicting that current breast cancer rates in post-menopausal  women will increase 50 percent  by 2030 as  baby boomer women grow older.  The culprit, it turns out, is not so much age… as the drugs these women have been  asked to take.

We already know about those progestin based HRT drugs... they raise breast cancer incidence by 26 percent in  post menopausal women  who use Prempro and other “combo” HRT drugs.

Next we learn that  breast cancer risk increases by 91 percent in this same age group, among those who have taken  statin drugs for more than ten years. We are talking about  drugs with names such as: Zocor, Mevacor, Cresto, Pravachol and Vytorin. 

Aside from being a huge money- making product  for pharmaceutical companies,  statins are now causing lots of unnecessary breast cancer diagnoses.  According to a study from nationally respected epidemiologists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle,  older women who take these drugs for more than 10 years have an 83% increase in invasive ductal carcinoma and a 97%increase in invasive lobular carcinoma.

And to make this whole troubling statin scenario even more worrisome, we are also learning that statin drugs do not even lower  a person’s heart attack risk; their alleged   goal in the first place.

Just as few physicians are aware of this 2013 statin and breast cancer study, the medical profession also seems unaware of the fact that most individuals’ blood cholesterol readings have little to do with the amount of  good or bad fats a person eats every day.

Best selling authors, Drs David Brownstein and David Perlmutter,  have both uncovered many of these  anti-statin research studies that have long been ignored or left unfunded by our federal health agencies.

Meanwhile, Dr David Diamond, a professor at the University of South Florida, has discovered that drug company-sponsored or influenced studies on statin drugs over past years, have twisted statistics to make these drugs look like the good guys, when they are not.

See  Brownstein’s excellent post on this subject

Read Dr Perlmutter’s assessment of statins.

Listen to  Dr. Diamond’s expose of the false numbers used in many published statin studies.

Also see the : The Hutchinson Study:   Long-term statin use and risk of ductal and lobular breast cancer among women 55-74 years of age.


Angelina Jolie’s Breast Amputations: Not the only option

Increasing vitamin D3 & avoiding birth control drugs can also  block breast cancer

As folksinger Melissa Etheridge recently said when asked about actress Angelina Jolie’s decision to have both of her healthy breasts amputated, “I wouldn’t call it the brave choice. I actually think it’s the most fearful choice you can make when confronting anything with cancer.”

Etheridge, like Jolie, was born with a defective “cancer fix-it” gene. Unlike Jolie, however, Etheridge was actually diagnosed with breast cancer nine years ago. However, the singer, now cancer-free,  is among an increasing number of women who understand there are alternatives to the poison, burn and cut prevention options that traditional western medicine continues to offer women as their best choices when confronted with an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

“My belief is that cancer comes from inside you and so much of it has to do with the environment of your body,” Etheridge told a reporter last week.

Recent critical research finally tells us lots about why 240,000 women in the U.S. currently develop invasive breast cancer each year. This same research offers all women logical, healthy and inexpensive ways to stop most breast cancer before it can start.

  •  Increasing your vitamin D3 blood serum levels
  • Avoiding birth control and other progestin-based drugs

are two easy and  incredibly significant ways to actually block most breast cancer from taking root.

How does vitamin D3 stop breast cancer before it starts?

The DINOMIT theroy of breast cancer, developed by epidemiologist Cedric Garland, during three decades of research at the University of California, San Diego, shows how sufficient levels of vitamin D3 in the body enable breast cells to interlock with one another, forming a protective shield when a single breast cell becomes mutated. These interlocking cells block cancerous tumors from forming.

 How or why can  all contraceptive drugs, including Yaz, Seasonale, and the Mirena IUD, along with  Prempro, (used by  post- menopausal women),  and progestin-based fertility drugs,  also cause breast cancer?

Ask Josef Penninger! This young Viennese geneticist, founder of the Institute of Molecular Biology of the Austrian Academy of Science, recently discovered that progestin can activate the protein RANKL in breast cells; RANKL can then mutate a cell and can exponentially increase cell duplication of a single breast cancer cell, causing breast tumors to form. This dramatic finding won Penninger a $7.4 million Innovators Award from the Department of Defense’s Breast Cancer Research Fund last fall.

But even today, most medical centers, along with our wealthiest breast cancer foundations, Susan G. Komen For the Cure, Avon Walk for Women, and the American Cancer Society, continue to warn women, “We really don’t know what causes breast cancer.”

Using their huge misinformation campaigns, these well-heeled breast cancer giants, financed largely by pharmaceutical and radiology companies, generate more fear, followed by more breast amputations, and more breast reconstructions each year.

Enter Angelina Jolie and the 100,000 other women in the U.S. who had one or both breasts amputated last year.  These individuals have usually been diagnosed with one of three conditions:

  • invasive breast cancer
  • some type of non cancerous breast condition
  • a positive test  for being born with  a mutated “cancer fix-it” gene…called BRCA 1 or BRCA 2

Sadly, oncologists, mammogram clinics and major cancer centers rarely talk to women about increasing their vitamin D3 blood serum level to 50-80 ng/ml, and avoiding any progestin-based drugs as options that can also stop the disease before it starts.  Why not?

  • Most physicians don’t follow the newest research on the protective effects of vitamin D3; nor do most doctors follow the new research that explains how progestin causes breast cancer. Stopping breast cancer before it starts, after all, is rarely their job.
  • Also, most physicians believe that the well-publicized “national” Vitamin D3 reports, conducted by the Institute of Medicine during the past few years, are valid. These doctors do not realize that the Institute’s study panels, which continue to find Vitamin D3 useless in preventing breast cancer, are designed and funded by pharmaceutical company interests.
  • Meanwhile, most physicians believe that contraceptive pills and patches and other progestin-based drugs do not   “significantly” increase breast cancer rates.  However, this statement, still published by pharmaceutical companies and the American Cancer Society, is contradicted by 97% of studies done on the subject in the past decade.
  • Also … and very sadly…most physicians say that their liability insurance may not cover their practice if they recommend increasing vitamin D3 and stopping progestin drugs, instead of advocating surgery, radiation (mammograms)  or pharmaceutical drugs as the best ways for a client to stop breast cancer before it starts.
  • Finally …most oncologists don’t make much money recommending more vitamin D3 supplements and increasing vitamin D3 by limited safe tanning, or by having a client stop using progestin drugs. Don’t forget…cancer specialists make a good portion of their annual income prescribing radiation, drugs and/or surgeries.

No wonder most women, including Jolie, remain fearful when they hear they are at high risk to develop breast cancer. Double breast amputations are even more likely if the woman’s health insurance will pay for these new perky breasts, with nipple-saving surgery that also offer a firm bra-free existence until the silicone or saline implants need to be  replaced  every ten years.

However, for more and more women, including Melissa Etheridge and myself,  avoiding progestin drugs, taking vitamin D3 supplements, getting more D3-producing UVB rays from safe (very limited)  indoor and outdoor tanning, and making other lifestyle and dietary changes, create a much gentler,  happier and better-informed wellness choice.


Increasing incidence of invasive breast cancer in U.S
Low vitamin D3 linked to increased breast cancer incidence
DINOMIT theory of cancer (how/why increased levels of Vitamin D3 block tumor growth)

Institute of Medicine’s corporate-financed reports on vitamin D3 and breast cancer

Birth Control Drugs: Learn the terrible truth, VOl 1, Busting Breast Cancer Ebook Series, Susan Wadia-Ells

Penninger given $7.4 million Innovators Award for understanding how progestin causes/accelerates breast cancer
Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program
Melissa Etheridge is interviewed by The Washington Blade, June 13, 2013





“Think Beyond Pink” Radio interviews Busting Breast Cancer

Think Beyond Pink talk show host, Linda Bamber

interviews BBC’s Susan Wadia-Ells Host

Listen to the Dec 10, 2012 Interview

Learn about the Busting Breast Cancer : 7 Simple Steps Ebook Series

Listen to great interview and learn how you can make some  lifestyle changes that can  significantly  lower your individual breast cancer risk today. tomorrow and in the coming years.  These changes are also  simple, inexpensive and healthy!!!

Learn why so few foundations and government agencies are interested in teaching women  actual research-based ways to stop breast cancer before it starts.

Women need Prevention not Profits!

Listen to the Dec 10, 2012 Interview NOW!!!

Matuschka, artist & breast cancer activist joins Busting Breast Cancer’s Nat’l Advisory Board


I have always adhered to the philosophy that one should speak and show the truth, because knowledge leads to free will, to choice. If we keep quiet about what cancer does to women’s bodies, if we refuse to accept women’s bodies in whatever condition they are in, we are doing a disservice to womankind. ………..Matuschka





Matuschka, the award-winning  artist and pioneering breast cancer educator, whose self portrait shocked the world  when it appeared on the cover of the New York Times Magazine in 1993, has joined Busting Breast Cancer’s National Advisory Board.

We are thrilled and honored that one of this country’s most creative and effective activists for stopping breast cancer before it can start, is joining forces with our National Breast Cancer Prevention Project/Busting Breast Cancer organization.

The artist’s stunning series of post mastectomy photographic self images continue to make their mark  as   legendary educational and awareness tools. Reflecting the artist’s genius, these same pieces remain  timeless works of art.

Beauty out of Damage, the image that stunned individuals as they turned to read their Sunday New York Times Magazine, on August 15, 1993,   was nominated for a 1994 Pulitzer Prize    and is included in Life Magazines’ s 100 Photographs that Changed the World.  

Matuschka lives and works in New York City.





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