Younger Florida Women Face Rising Breast Cancer Rates

Key West Florida: More Florida women, under 50 years old, are being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer each year.  In 1984 only 53 out of 100,000 younger women in the state were diagnosed; by 2008 that number had jumped to 74 out of 100,000; a  1.7 percent annual increase, according to the Florida  Statewide Cancer Registry.

Florida women are not alone. In 2007, 83 out of 100,000 Massachusetts women under 50 were diagnosed with the invasive disease, while in Colorado that year, the  number was 70/100,000.   Since the mid 80’s, younger women under 50 in all three states have faced annual increases of 0.9 to 2.3 percent.

In contrast, British women under 50 are at 1970 U.S.levels with only 42/100,000 women under 50 being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2010.  Why this great disparity between the two countries?

“Much higher use of birth control drugs by U.S. women and no federal laws banning growth hormones from  U.S. dairy and meat products  are two contributing factors to our high  breast cancer rates,” according to Susan Wadia-Ells, founding director of the National Breast Cancer Prevention Project/Busting Breast Cancer, now based in Key West.  The six- year- old virtually-volunteer non-profit is focused on translating new research on the causes of breast cancer into healthy prevention steps  individual women can follow.

Most breast cancer funds in Florida and elsewhere still ignore teaching this new prevention information; instead 98% of breast cancer funding remains focused on detection or mammograms and on “finding the cure.”

Bucking the tide, Wadia-Ells’ non profit teaches individual women 7 Simple Steps, including  using vitamin D3 supplements,  safe tanning;  choosing hormone-free birth control methods, using shower filters and eating a low-white/ high-greens diet; all  simple, inexpensive and yet significant ways to help stop breast cancer before it starts.

“Given our for- profit sick care system, U.S.women are currently the only group with the self -interest and the ability to stop most breast cancer before it starts.” said Wadia-Ells.

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Busting Breast Cancer Raises over $1,000 in Stephen La Pierre Art Raffle

The Key West Busting Breast Cancer Raffle raised over $1,000, as the grand prize “Sign of Sandford”,  an original oil, by Stephen La Pierre, was raffled off during The Gardens Hotel’s, Mother’s Day  Jazz in the Garden. 

Doris Williams of Huntington Beach,CA was the grand prize winner.

“We want to thank every Key West resident and visitor who participated in this raffle that helps us  teach women how to  stop this unnecessary disease,” said Key West resident and Busting Breast Cancer’s national treasurer, Roxanne Fleszar.

“We hope that women will learn about Busting Breast Cancer’s 3 Easy Ways, and choose one or more of these safe and inexpensive lifestyles that can help stop breast cancer before it can start,” said Jody Smith Williams, local environmental leader and a volunteer with Busting Breast Cancer’s Public Health Initiative.

Plein air artist, Stephen La Pierre donated  the grand prize piece from his Key West Collection. La Pierre’s one man show, featuring The Architecture of Key West Literary Culture, will open December 15th at the Key West Museum of Art and History at the Custom House.

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