Placenta-Based Creams,Conditioners & Syngenta’s Atrazine = Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Placenta-based skin creams and hair conditioners & the chemical estrogen, atrazine…

may be key to high rates of  triple negative breast cancer

in younger women who relax/straighten their ethnic hair

Researchers focused on triple negative breast cancer still cannot figure out why African American, African and Ashkenazi Jewish women all have higher rates of so-called triple negative breast cancer than Euro-American (white) women.  Solving this puzzle should be helpful in stopping most triple negative breast cancer before it starts.

In my book, Busting Breast Cancer: 7 Simple Steps to Protect our Daughters/Ourselves from this Unnecessary Disease, I describe how these same population groups often use placenta-based (high estrogen) hair conditioners, once they have processed or straightened their  extremely curly hair.

I also note that research, beginning in 1996, shows how using placenta-based whitening skin creams and placenta-based hair conditioners on a regular basis, can induce early breast bud formation in young children, which goes away, once the placenta-based products are stopped. There is also an abundance of information showing that chemical estrogens and other toxins, absorbed by a pregnant women, flow through the umbilical cord to the fetus, where breast bud cell damage can happen in utero.

It is therefore possible that African (Nigerian and Ghanaian), African-American and Ashkenazi Jewish infant girls are often  born with damaged or mutated breast buds, if their mothers used these placenta products while pregnant. Such damaged or mutated breast cells can be  an important supporting role in the development of breast cancer.

Following the metabolic theory of cancer, all it can take is a  constant acidic American diet of  meat and dairy with added antibiotics and growth hormones, along with   high amounts of sugar and white flour-based foods (glucose), to turn    a twenty or thirty-year-old woman’s  body into an acidic breast cancer- making machine, as  healthy breast cells are transformed into breast cancer cells.

Meanwhile, Nigerian and Ghanaian girls and women  usually eat a vegetable diet, grown on land treated with the insecticide atrazine, which has now contaminated these nations’ water supplies with the highest levels of this inflammatory chemical hormone in the world.

Again… following the metabolic theory of cancer, weakened breast cells combined with  acidic  atrazine-laced water, can create an acidic body that turns the women into  cancer-making machines… as healthy cells are quickly transformed into fermenting sugar-loving breast cancer cells.

Women who want to see an end to this world-wide increase in triple negative breast cancer, especially among our younger women, need to find ways to educate the African American, African and Ashkenazi Jewish communities about the dangers of these placenta hair conditioners… during and after pregnancy… not to mention the need to somehow create low-sugar and low-hormone based diets.

Meanwhile, atrazine, the second most popular herbicide in the U.S., needs to be banned in North America and the African continent. The European Union banned the toxic pesticide in 2004. In 2012, Syngenta, the manufacturer of atrazine,  agreed to pay a hundred and five million dollars to reimburse more than a thousand water systems in Missouri and Illinois  for the cost of filtering atrazine from drinking water.

Syngenta was formed in 2000 by the merger of  the agri side of  AstraZenaca and Novartis, two pharmaceutical companies that manufacture  block buster breast cancer drugs including  Arimedex and Faslodex.  So one company helps increase breast cancer rates in women, while their parent companies sell drugs that try to stop breast cancer from killing women.

Citations on all of the sources in this post can be found in chapter six of  Busting Breast Cancer: 7 Simple Steps to Protect our Daughters/Ourselves From this Unnecessary Disease.

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