www.bustingbreastcancer.org – a safer alternative

If  your  love affair with  Susan G. Komen for the Cure  or any other  pink ribbon awareness group has come to a crashing end, there are some very attractive and exciting alternative partners waiting to be noticed. These are all pro-prevention groups; they are different from breast cancer  awareness groups.

The National Breast Cancer Prevention Project /Busting Breast Cancer is a  five year old non-profit pro-prevention group  that translates international research on known, probable and possible causes of breast cancer to enble  individual women  to  help stop  breast cancer from happening to them ever…or never again.

Busting Breast Cancer  recognizes that:

  • More younger women,  under 55 years old, are now being diagnosed in the U.S. each year.
  • Breast cancer treatment is a $27 billion industry in the United States alone.
  • There are few profits when you stop women from getting sick.
  • Women, and their loved ones, are the only group with the self interest to stop breast cancer before it starts.

Take a look at our Three  Easy Ways to help stop breast cancer before it can begin.

 Try one, try  two…  or  maybe all three!!

In later posts I will talk about three other unique  and  critical national pro prevention groups :

Breast Cancer Fund

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Silent Spring Institute

Every dollar you send  to Busting Breast Cancer or to any of these  other  hard-working, but little recognized, pro-prevention groups  is money spent on stopping breast cancer before it can start.



illustration:Phyllis Yampolsky