The Truth:Soy Prevents Breast Cancer

I know this is called Breast Cancer Awareness let’s be aware about the benefits of eating fermented soy a few times a week if you want to help prevent breast cancer.. or a recurrence of breast cancer.

Two recent   landmark studies of Chinese women and one of  Asian American women  illustrated how women who eat fermented soy foods can decrease their risk of developing breast cancer by 59%.  This is an astounding figure!!

Remember.. those who recommend you take a toxic drug to prevent breast cancer.. and warn you away from merely eating fermented organic soy.. are usually making money each time you purchase your monthly supply of these drugs.. or they receive million dollar grants from the drug companies who sell these breast cancer drugs.

Too many folks are interested in breast cancer awareness… for the big money they can make from unsuspecting patients.

So just  ignore the scare tactics of the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen and other commercially- funded breast cancer organizations when it comes to eating soy.  Remember that we are talking about fermented organic soy foods and this is solid research supporting adding fermented soy to your diet today.

Women who eat fermented organic soy products, such as miso soup and tempest stir drys,  a number of times each week will  find that they will not want to take those toxic  drugs  tamoxifen or arimidex.

Here are links to three recent articles on this subject I  recently  researched and wrote for my bi-weekly Honest Health Column, currently carried by the Gloucester (MA) Daily Times.

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You can also read these articles at Know Breast Cancer”s website..

Meanwhile .. take a look at  Dr. Colin Campbell’s 2004 book, The China Study to learn why fermented soy is hands down better than popping tamoxifen et al. 

And if your bank account has a few extra $$$$ in it, take yourself to Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts for a week or a weekend and learn how to keep your body’s estrogen levels nice and low.. by eating fermented soy, instead of popping an arimidex each day.