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Busting Breast Cancer..with four simple steps to keep breast cancer out of your body: Our  personal revolution

FINALLY!   individual women can stop 80 percent of breast cancer diagnoses before they  happen. HOW?

Busting Breast Cancer describes:

Why and  how obesity in women of all ages is causing so much breast cancer

Why and how birth control drugs, some infertility workups and some menopausal drugs cause breast cancer

Why and how sufficient vitamin D3 in your blood can help protect you from developing a breast cancer diagnosis

The best ways to keep your mind-body clear of cancer-causing inflammation


Mainstream oncologists cannot yet answer these questions. And so each day, another 600 women throughout the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer.

The new  metabolic theory of cancer finally  shows us exactly how breast cancer begins in a woman’s body. This same research  teaches us many ways that each woman can stop breast cancer before it starts. Busting Breast Cancer’s four  simple  steps are nourishing,  inexpensive, and effective.

Busting Breast Cancer is the first book on breast cancer prevention, based on the metabolic theory of cancer. We now understand that breast cancer does not “spontaneously”begin in your breast cells; instead, breast cancer begins when you suffocate your breast cells, from many of your daily lifestyle habits.

Once you read Busting Breast Cancer, you will finally  understand why some  woman develop breast cancer, while others don’t.

Once you read Busting Breast Cancer, your life will never be the same.



Dr. Thomas Seyfried
Dr. Thomas Seyfried

“I applaud Dr. Wadia-Ells in  boldly tackling the underlying causes of the breast cancer epidemic, and in providing practical solutions to reduce the epidemic. All women, and anyone interested in preventing cancer, will benefit from reading this book.”    

 Dr. Thomas Seyfried, author of   Cancer As a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management and Prevention of Cancer, Wiley, 2012

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