Learn to Enjoy a Cancer-Blocking Diet


We are what we eat

Our body is a piece of live terrain that we own until the day we die.  We can nourish ourselves and create a piece of organic farmland, or we can eat processed foods and drink  soda and alcohol each day… and create a toxic dump.


Turn your body into cancer-blocking terrain: 

7 Cancer-Blocking Foods & Supplements 

#1 Eat your Broccoli… brussel sprouts, cabbage and kale!

These are all called cruciferous veggies. They are #1 on this list because they contain a weak plant-based estrogen (also called: phytoestrogen or phytochemical) that absorbs or replaces excess stronger estrogens, already in your body, that can irritate or inflame your breast cells.


#2 Only eat chicken and red meat that contain no antibiotics and no added hormones!

The U.S. is the only developed country in the world that still allows these carcinogenic chemicals into our food supply.  To protect yourself, eat chicken that is marked organic, which means “fed no antibiotics or hormones”; eat only grass-fed or organic red meat, also Australian or New Zealand lamb can be OK as many farmers raise grass fed sheep.  New Zealand also does not allow the use of growth hormones in their sheep.


#3 What about dairy products?

All dairy products contain some level of animal estrogens.  But if you do include some dairy in your diet, only drink organic or rBGH-free milk and eat rBGH-free dairy products.  Recombantant growth hormone (rBGH), is a chemical hormone injected into dairy cows in the U.S. to artificially increase their milk production and increase profits/cow.  The U.S. is the only developed country in the world that still allows dairy farmers to inject their herds with this  bovine growth hormone.

The  rBGH, also called  Prosilac, currently marketed by Eli Lilly  (Montsanto sold the marketing rights to Lily a few years ago),  also contains increased levels of a carcinogenic hormone called insulin like growth factor.  Pre-menopausal women who regularly drink  rBGH milk have been shown to have a 4-fold increase  in invasive breast cancer over their peers who drink only rBGH-free milk.

rBGH also increases the cow’s need for antibiotics, as the growth hormone increases infection in the cow’s over-stimulated milking system

And ice cream?  Say YES to Ben & Jerry’s!!!!

Ben & Jerry’s, along with small organic ice cream producers, is among the very few U.S. ice cream brands that does not use rBGH  milk.

Cheese?    Say YES to Trader Joes’s & Whole Foods!

Most domestic cheeses sold by Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, independent health food stores and food coops are marked: rBGH- free.  Cheeses made in Europe and Canada should all be rBGH free; it’s the law!

Half & Half?   Beware!!

Watch out for half and half.  Many dairies now sell rBGH-free milk, but their half and half still contains rBGH.  Gottcha!!!!


#4 Eat lots of Flaxseeds:

Best to buy the whole seed and grind a half a cup each day and mix into your food!  Flaxseeds contain ligans which have been shown to block the ability of any extra estrogen in your body from irritating your breast cells… just like cabbage, cauliflower and other cruciferous veggies can do.  Flaxseeds also contain omega 3 fatty acids, a substance that our bodies cannot make on their own, but that help reduce inflamed breast tissue.


#5 Eat 2 TBSP of organic fermented soy everyday:
Japanese and Chinese women have much lower rates of breast cancer, as long as they are eating their traditional diets.  Research shows that most Asian diets contain daily amounts of fermented soy.  Miso and  tempeh, and the Japanese breakfast favorite, natto beans, and other forms of fermented soy, all  contain an enzyme that dissolves the body’s excess aromatase… a building block of estrogen.  No wonder the average Japanese woman, no matter what her age, has 22% lower levels of circulating estrogen than her western peers.  2 tablespoons a day is all you need.


#6 Limit sugar & other types of white foods:
Glucose, produced by white sugar, white processed foods, sodas and alcohol is very good at nourishing cancer cells.  People who regularly eat foods that contain white flour, potatoes, sugar, and white rice are creating cancer-loving bodies.  Research shows that as some tumors begin to form, the huge amount of glucose-based foods you put  in your body every day, weaken your immune system, while the glucose can also feed any small or large tumors in your breasts.

Choose whole grains, nuts and other brown foods and fresh or frozen fruits & veggies instead!

#7 Eat Turmeric  (curcumin):
This member of the ginger family helps stop your breasts from becoming inflamed,  a first step in most breast cancer diagnoses.  In fact, a pharmaceutical company, Phytopharm, in the UK hopes to introduce a natural product, p54, that contains certain volatile oils, which greatly increase the potency of the turmeric spice.  You can use tumeric in various soups, stews and grains and you can take tumeric in capsules as a daily food supplement.


Take An Estrogen Metabolism Test Annually

Watch this video about estrogen testing by Dr. Kara Fitzgerald.

The Metabolism of Estrogen in the Body

Research over the past decade shows that the development of breast cancer appears to be related to how your body currently breaks down estrogens.

Estrogens must be eliminated from the body once they have performed their essential hormonal duties.

High levels of estrogens 

  •  risk factor for breast cancer
  • upsets the body’s delicate hormonal balance.

hydroxylation: how your body processes your extra estrogen

Question: Does your body break your estrogen into “good molecules” or “bad molecules”?


  • Each woman’s body apparently breaks down or metabolizes her excess or free estrogen differently;  the ratio of these good molecules to bad molecules is different for each person.
  • Have an estrogen metabolism test & find out  your current ratio
  • Switch to  a cancer-blocking diet if you want to improve your ratio

If you need help:

Naturopathic physicians, functional medicine practitioners, nutitionally trained chiropractic doctors, and certain spas, including Canyon Ranch, offer women nutritional and lifestyle guidance to improve your estrogen ratio & lower risk of breast cancer.

The Research: pre menopausal women show a 40% lower risk of developing breast cancer if they have a high ratio of good molecules to bad.

The Estrogen Metabolism Test

A simple urine test that measures your estrogen metabolism; your current ratio of good to bad molecules.  Learning to enjoy a cancer blocking diet can help change the ratio of bad to good molecules.


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