3 Easy Ways to Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Invasive breast cancer happens over a period of time as toxic substances and events can change breast cells and cause them to multiply.  No one thing will create breast cancer.

Our THREE EASY WAYS, however, can each help you bust  breast cancer before it starts. They are all:

    • research-based
    • safe
    • healthy
    • inexpensive
    • significant
    • not talked about by most mainstream medical folks


#1 — Raise Your Vitamin D3 blood level to 60-80 ng/ml

  • Use  safe outdoor & indoor tanning to generate vitamin D3
  • Use  Vitamin D3 supplements


#2 — Avoid birth control drugs

What are my alternatives?

  • Use a hormone-free IUD  (ParaGard)
  • Try a diaphragm
  • Have a tubal ligation (permanent)


#3 —Learn to enjoy a daily cancer-blocking diet

  •  seven foods
  •  seven supplements
  •  oxygenated water


Adopting one or more of these 3 Easy Ways can significantly lower your breast cancer risk.

Remember… you are in charge