Birth Control Pills Now Linked to Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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Recent research out of Seattle  shows a disturbingly strong link between young  women (40 years and younger) who used oral contraceptives  and their tendency to develop triple negative breast cancer, a rapidly growing estrogen-negative type of the disease.

Among women Read more >

Thinking of Sara Palin and Breast Health Centers…or.."Why our hospitals don't talk about real or natural breast cancer prevention

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January 5, 2010

Manchester by the Sea, MA

Our  local  Breast ” Health” Centers,  located in medical centers, community hospitals and free-standing clinics around the U.S.,  currently do next to nothing about educating women on how to keep our breasts … Read more >

Mammograms do not prevent breast cancer

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Breast health centers, affiliated with medical centers around the U.S. are up in arms. Breast imaging radiologists are about to lose one third of their clients because a federal advisory panel just said that women, younger than 50, no longer … Read more >