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Pre-Order Busting Breast Cancer Paperback book today!!

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UPDATE: August 20,  2014

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Busting Breast Cancer: 7 Simple Steps to Protect Our Daughters/Ourselves from this    Unnecessary Disease:  


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  • breast cancer is an unnecessary disease
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American Cancer Society Report is Misleading; younger women getting more triple negative, estrogen positive & HER2+ breast cancers

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Women of childbearing age, in many states around the U.S. today, face historically high invasive breast cancer levels. The American Cancer Society’s (ACS’) recent study, published Feb 22, in the American Association for Cancer Research, is incorrect when it … Read more >

U. S. Breast Cancer Epidemic Hitting Young Moms and Other Women of Childbearing Age

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In   2009, about 62,520 women of childbearing age in the United States were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.  This is a whopping 41% increase from 2001, when approximately 44, 300 women of childbearing age were reportedly diagnosed with the disease, … Read more >

Birth Control Pills Now Linked to Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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Recent research out of Seattle  shows a disturbingly strong link between young  women (40 years and younger) who used oral contraceptives  and their tendency to develop triple negative breast cancer, a rapidly growing estrogen-negative type of the disease.

Among women Read more >