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Breast Cancer is a Metabolic Disease; Breast Cancer is Preventable

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Once  you understand that breast cancer is a metabolic disease,  you also understand that breast cancer  can be prevented.

Yes, that’s right… doctors can no longer tell us, “So sorry Sarah, I’m not sure why you developed this 1.3 cm … Read more >

Younger Florida Women Face Rising Breast Cancer Rates

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Key West Florida: More Florida women, under 50 years old, are being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer each year.  In 1984 only 53 out of 100,000 younger women in the state were diagnosed; by 2008 that number had jumped to … Read more >

Thomas Seyfried: Cancer can only develop in an acid body; cancer prevention is possible

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Thomas Seyfried is an  award-winning biologist at Boston College. But I think he  needs to change his name.

He name should really be David, because  his new book stands up to  Goliath.. that booming multi-billion dollar cancer treatment industry.  … Read more >