Breast Cancer is a Metabolic Disease; Breast Cancer is Preventable

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Once  you understand that breast cancer is a metabolic disease,  you also understand that breast cancer  can be prevented.

Yes, that’s right… doctors can no longer tell us, “So sorry Sarah, I’m not sure why you developed this 1.3 cm tumor; I guess it was just your turn.”

More and more research  shows us that  cancer begins in the power batteries or mitochondria of our breast cells, not in the spontaneous genetic mutation of some “funny” breast cell. This means cancer can begin when the mitochondria in some of our breast cells are no longer able to get enough oxygen from the interstitial  or I-fluid that floats around these cells. Our I-fluid, by the way, is constantly carrying nutrients, including oxygen, to fuel these power batteries in all of our breast cells.


How can we stop breast cancer before it starts?

If a you are way over-weight; if you are taking way too many prescription drugs; if you are eating way too much sugar or  eating dirty (hormone-and pesticide-infested) meat, grains and dairy, not to mention eating the chemicals in those Smart Maid, Lean Cuisine, or  Stouffers dinners, or drinking  diet soda, dousing your coffee with Coffemate, and  drinking and showering with unfiltered tap water everyday,  while stressed to the 9’s,  you are probably walking around with  very low levels of oxygen in your I-fluid because you have an acidic body.  Since acidic I-fluid is very thick, those  power batteries  in your breast cells are going to have a hard time absorbing enough O2 to remain healthy or sane.

According to the metabolic theory, a person develops breast cancer when her  power batteries give up the ship. When those bedraggled mitochondria can’t get enough oxygen to thrive, they apparently  morph into  fermenting  compost heaps;  they turn themselves inside out and begin  eating all of the sugar or glucose  you keeping putting in your mouth.

What happens next?  Ah… those whacked-out breast cells start  duplicating   over and over again.  Then you start to lose weight as your sugar- eating cancer cells grab any  glucose  you  eat, producing even more cancer cells.

This metabolic theory is not  some old wives tale. This  theory actually won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931 when it was  called the Respiration Theory of Cells.



Busting Breast Cancer: The Book

My forthcoming book, Busting Breast Cancer: A Personal and Political Revolution…with four simple steps to stop breast cancer before it starts, describes a lot of sophisticated,  critical, published studies that have been misrepresented, ignored or un-funded. These are studies that can guide us regarding: what to eat to keep our mitochondria filled with oxygen; what vitamins to take (think Vitamin  D3) or make (think Vitamin D3 using safe year-round tanning) to keep our immune system strong, (to tackle any cancer cells that might get created);  what RX drugs NOT to take (think Tamoxifen & birth control drugs),  and why stress causes so much cancer; in short, why  U.S. women apparently have the HIGHEST breast cancer rate in the world.

I am honored that Boston College neurobiologist, Dr. Tom Seyfried,   author of  Cancer As a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management and Prevention of Cancer, (Wiley, 2012) has  written the foreword to my forthcoming book and that Girl Friday Productions is working with me to edit the entire manuscript.

Meanwhile,  for a better understanding of cancer as a metabolic disease, (and for an exciting read), I recommend  Travis Christofferson’s  Tripping Over the Truth, The Metabolic Theory of Cancer.  along with excerpts from Dr. Seyfried’s instant classic, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease. Finally I highly recommend Dr Joe Mercola’s ( 2013 interview with Dr Seyfried.

If you are wondering about birth control, I ask you to read my short eBook,  Birth Control Drugs and Breast Cancer,  available at  Barnes & NobleKobo and Amazon.  This mini book includes some of the research found in Chapter Five: Step #3- Avoid Progestin Drugs… from my forthcoming book: Busting Breast Cancer: A Personal and Political Revolution.

Why is the  Busting Breast Cancer book revolutionary?

For starters, neither Susan G. Komen for the Cure, nor our national cancer agencies, nor the American Cancer Society are willing to  fund any research  based on the metabolic theory of cancer. They all remain focused on the genetic theory of cancer, which has now spawned an expanding national  $16.5 billion dollar a year breast cancer treatment industry.

Remember…..Given our for-profit sick care system, individual women …and those who love us… form  the only group with the self-interest and now, the knowledge, to stop most breast cancer before it starts. 

Happy Holidays!

Susan Wadia-Ells


 founding director: National Breast Cancer Prevention Project & author: Busting Breast Cancer: A Personal and Political Revolution… with four simple steps to stop breast cancer before it starts. (forthcoming 2017)





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