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Busting Breast Cancer: Four simple steps to keep the beast out of your body…our personal revolution

Why does your best friend develop breast cancer when she is 45 years old, but you do not?  New research shows us how breast cancer begins in a woman’s body and the many ways each of us can easily and inexpensively stop breast cancer before it starts.

Busting Breast Cancer is the first book on breast cancer prevention that is based on the metabolic theory of cancer. This means that breast cancer does not “spontaneously”begin in your breast cells. In other words, it never has to be “your turn” to develop this horrible disease.


Dr. Thomas Seyfried

Dr. Thomas Seyfried

“I applaud Dr. Wadia-Ells in  boldly tackling the underlying causes of the breast cancer epidemic, and in providing practical solutions to reduce the epidemic. All women, and anyone interested in preventing cancer, will benefit from reading this book.”    

 Dr. Thomas Seyfried, author of   Cancer As a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management and Prevention of Cancer, Wiley, 2012



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