• Busting Breast Cancer Advisory Board Member Matuschka, the award winning artist and photographer, shocked the world in 1993 when her self portrait was published on the cover of the The New York Times Magazine, with the cover story.. "You can’t look away anymore"
  • The number of women and men dying from breast cancer each day has decreased from 117 to 110 since 1993. This is NOT prevention. I am delighted to welcome Busting Breast Cancer into the advocacy community." -- Ann Fonfa, founding director: Annie Appleseed Project ; national board member, National Breast Cancer Coalition ; Busting Breast Cancer Advisory Board www.annieappleseedproject.org
  • Dr Holick’s most recent book The Vitamin D3 Solution , reveals a well-kept secret: our bodies need a sensible amount of unprotected sun exposure to protect us from bone loss, lowered immune function and breast and colon cancers.
Latest News: March 27, 2014

Younger Florida Women Face Rising Breast Cancer Rates

Key West Florida: More Florida women, under 50 years old, are being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer each year.  In 1984 only 53 out of 100,000 younger women in the state were diagnosed; by 2008 that number had jumped to … Read more >

3 Easy Ways to Protect Yourself

  1. Raise your Vitamin D3 blood levels
  2. Avoid birth control drugs
  3. Enjoy a cancer-blocking daily diet
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About Us: Busting Breast Cancer

The National Breast Cancer Prevention Project/Busting Breast Cancer’s mission is to help decrease the number of women now diagnosed each year with invasive breast cancer, through: public education, access to information, funding for prevention, coalition-building and grassroots advocacy for individual lifestyle and environmental health protections.

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