About Us: Busting Breast Cancer

The National Breast Cancer Prevention Project/Busting Breast Cancer’s mission is to help decrease the number of women now diagnosed each year with invasive breast cancer, through: public education and access to information about  the metabolic theory of breast cancer; funding for prevention;coalition-building and grassroots advocacy for individual lifestyle and environmental health protections.

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3 Easy Ways to Protect Yourself

1. Raise your Vitamin D3 blood levels

2. Avoid birth control drugs

3. Enjoy a cancer-blocking daily diet

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Busting Breast Cancer: 7 Simple Steps to Protect Our
Daughters/Ourselves from this Unnecessary Disease

First Paperback Edition: Sept 2014.  by Susan Wadia-Ells PhD  $14.99 (+$5.01 s&h) $20@

All proceeds from book sales go to Busting Breast Cancer

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To order 12 or more copies at a discount, info@bustingbreastcancer.org

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